Interactive Exhibit

The NEW KAIYUKAN is a new exhibits area characterized by closer interactions between visitors and exhibited marine animals. By personally observing, hearing, smelling and touching the exhibits, visitors can feel as if they stepped into the world of marine animals. The area consists of three zones: the Arctic, Falkland Islands and the Maldives.

The opening of the NEW KAIYUKAN area in 2013 has successfully turned Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN into a facility that can offer a “feel the Earth” experience to visitors from around the world.

[The world’s largest dome-shaped ceiling tank in the Arctic zone]
This area on the 3F is designed to faithfully recreate the undersea world of the frigid Arctic. Passing through the zone looking up at a bridge of ice floes overhead, you will have a chance to encounter a ringed seal looking at you from overhead in the world’s largest dome-shaped tank. The charming expression of ringed seals, as if they were smiling at you, has quite a healing effect. Exhibits in this zone also include living things that do not freeze in sub-zero temperature environment, the naked sea butterflies (cliones) and other small life forms, representing the Arctic region.

On the 4F, the living environment of ringed seals in the frigid Arctic is recreated, using real snow and ice. Visitors can not only experience the extreme cold of the Arctic but also take a close look at ringed seals, smell them and hear them roaring and swimming among the ice, using their flippers.

[Penguins’ surprising sounds and smell in the Falkland Island zone]
The loud squawks and distinctive smells of rockhopper penguins can be experienced in this zone. Because these rockhopper penguins are kept in an open-air type exhibit tank, visitors can also enjoy observing them up close, swimming swiftly in the water and hopping around the rocks. In an exhibit tank that has artificially-produced waves, the actual living environment of rockhopper penguins in the sub-Antarctic region is faithfully recreated.

[Let’s touch sharks and rays in the Maldives zone!]
At the “touch pool” of this zone, visitors can actually touch sharks and rays swimming up close to them. Rough texture of sharks’ skin and the slimy feel of rays can be experienced. Colorful coral reefs are also exhibited in this zone.

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