Osaka Kaiyu Ticket

Osaka Kaiyu Ticket is an economical one-day pass, which combines unlimited entry to Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN and unlimited train/bus rides on the date of entry in one ticket.

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When to Purchase
FY 2016 version:From April 1 (Fri.), 2016 to March 31 (Fri.), 2017
When to Use
FY 2016 version:From April 1 (Fri.), 2016 to April 30 (Sun.), 2017

The ticket offers up to 50% discounts at about 30 tourist attractions located mainly in the Osaka Bay area. For details, please contact the KAIYUKAN Information Counter below.
Tickets can be purchased anytime and saved for later use during the period above.
When entering the KAIYUKAN, just pass the quick response (QR) code of your Osaka Kaiyu Ticket over an automatic ticket gate. A separate procedure is necessary for re-entry.
* Ticket categories are for adults (age 16 or older) and for elementary school students (age 7 to 12) only. For junior high school students, please purchase an adult ticket.
* Priority entry to the KAIYUKAN is not provided to Osaka Kaiyu Ticket holders. When the venue is crowded, please wait in a queue for admission.

Other Benefits
Osaka Kaiyu Ticket holders can also receive the following benefits by showing their tickets:
Discount coupons that can be used at Tempozan Marketplace. Please ask at the KAIYUKAN Service and Information counters.
A 10% discount on meals at “White Deck,” a seaside restaurant at Hotel Seagull Tempozan Osaka. The discount may not be combined with other discounts.
Discount coupons for a ride of Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel, Santa Maria (a cruise ship) and Captain Line (a fast shuttle ferry connecting the KAIYUKAN and Universal City Port)

For inquiries concerning the Osaka Kaiyu Ticket, please contact the KAIYUKAN Information Counter.
Tel: 06-6576-5501

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