What is the KAIYUKAN Annual Pass?

It is an economical annual pass that offers unlimited year-round entry to the KAIYUKAN from the date of issue, except for blackout dates designated by the aquarium.

The KAIYUKAN Annual Pass can be renewed three months prior to the month of expiration. For example, if the pass will expire on September 30, the holder can renew it during the period from June 1 to September 30. As a benefit of renewing the Annual Pass, the new pass will be valid for 13 months from the day following the original expiration date. Moreover, special benefits for Annual Pass holders will also be upgraded after renewal of the pass.

* After the expiration date, the Annual Pass cannot be renewed; please purchase a new pass. In that case, the benefits of renewing the pass are not offered.
* The blackout dates include the aquarium’s busy period during the “Golden Week” holidays in spring and O-bon festival period in summer, as well as the dates when the KAIYUKAN is closed. Please also note that on the blackout dates the Annual Pass is not on sale and cannot be renewed.

How much does the KAIYUKAN Annual Pass cost?

[Adult (high school student and age 16 or older)] 5,000 yen
[Child (elementary/junior high school student)] 2,000 yen
[Preschool child (age 4 or older)] 1,000 yen


How to apply/purchase the KAIYUKAN Annual Pass

(1) Purchase
Please make payment for an Annual Pass and an “annual pass admission ticket” at the ticket counter.
(2) Entry to the aquarium
Please enter the aquarium from the entrance gate.
(3) Filling out the application form
Please fill out the application form at the Annual Pass Counter and bring the completed application form and the “annual pass admission ticket” to the counter.
(4) Registration and photograph taking
Please have your photograph taken to be attached on your Annual Pass. It takes a while to register and process your Annual Pass, so please enjoy the aquarium while your pass is being processed. Before leaving the aquarium, come back to the counter to pick up your Annual Pass.
* Please keep your receipt and show it at the counter to receive your Annual Pass.

Benefits for KAIYUKAN Annual Pass holders

By showing the KAIYUKAN Annual Pass, the holders can obtain the following benefits:
[Benefit 1] A 10% discount on payments at the official shop of the KAIYUKAN (excluding some products)
[Benefit 2] A 5% discount on payment for confectionery at the KAIYUKAN official Museum Shop + novelty goods offered per payment
[Benefit 3] A 30% discount on the day-cruise fee by the cruise ship Santa Maria for one group
[Benefit 4] A 10% discount on meals (per payment) at the coffee shop “Mermaid”
[Benefit 5] \100 OFF payment for a photograph taken at the “photo with whale shark area”
[Benefit 6] \100 OFF payment at the restaurant “Harbor View”
[Benefit 7] \50 OFF payment at Juice Bar (excluding plastic bottle drinks)
[Benefit 8] Discount coupons (offered only at the first issuance of the annual pass)

Important notes

The KAIYUKAN Annual Pass is not on sale or cannot be used on blackout dates designated by the aquarium (“Golden Week” holidays, the O-bon festival period and the dates when the aquarium is closed).
The Annual Pass shall be used by the pass holder only. The holder is not permitted to transfer, lend or sell the pass to anyone else.
Please show your Annual Pass when entering the aquarium. If it is not shown, a regular admission fee shall be required.
In the case of damage or loss of the Annual Pass, a commission of \500 will be required to reissue it.

Blackout dates (until the end of February 2017)

Dates when the aquarium is closed
February 17 and 18, 2016
January 11 and 12 as well as February 15 and 16, 2017
Golden Week holidays
May 3 to 5, 2016
The O-bon festival period
August 11 to 15, 2016

Terms and Conditions of KAIYUKAN Annual Pass Membership

1. The KAIYUKAN Annual Pass (hereinafter referred to as “the Annual Pass”) is valid for one (1) year from the date of issue to the previous day of the same date next year. During the valid period, the Annual Pass holder can unlimitedly enter Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN within the aquarium hours. If the expiration date falls on the blackout dates*1 or the aquarium closing dates*2, the Annual Pass expires on the aquarium’s latest business day before the expiration date. To renew the pass, please bring and show your valid Annual Pass.
*1 The KAIYUKAN designates the “Golden Week” holidays and the O-bon festival period as blackout dates.
*2 The dates when the KAIYUKAN is closed

2. Priority entry to the KAIYUKAN is not offered to Annual Pass holders. When the venue is crowded, please wait in a queue for admission and follow the instructions of the guiding staff members.

3. When entering the aquarium, please be sure to bring and show your Annual Pass at the entrance gate. If not, a regular admission fee will be required.

4. Please note that the Annual Pass shall be used by the pass holder only, not by anyone else. In the case where the Annual Pass holder cannot be identified, the aquarium may ask him/her to refrain from entering the aquarium.

5. Please note that the fee for the Annual Pass applies based on your age as of the starting date of the effective period shown on the pass, not your age as of the date of application for the membership.

6. In any case where the Annual Pass is used in an improper way*, or the pass holder violates the law, behaves in an offensive manner to public order and morality within the site of the aquarium or causes any nuisance to other visitors, the holder will be required to return the Annual Pass to the aquarium. In that case, no refund will be made regardless of the remaining validity period of the pass. The holder will not be able to apply for membership thereafter.
* “Improper way” refers to the unauthorized alteration of the annual pass, the use of the pass by anyone other than the holder, false application and others.

7. The ownership of the Annual Pass is retained by the KAIYUKAN. It must not be resold, pledged, given or transferred to anyone else. Upon request of the KAIYUKAN, the holder must immediately return his/her Annual Pass to the aquarium.

8. In the case of loss, theft or damage to the Annual Pass, please call the KAIYUKAN Sales Department (Tel: 06-6576-5501) or come to the KAIYUKAN Information Counter located in the Entrance Building to complete the reissuance procedure. A commission of \500 is required to reissue the pass.
Please note that the Annual Pass cannot be reissued if you do not choose to register your personal information at the time of application.

9. If there is any change in your registered personal information, please contact the KAIYUKAN Sales Department.

10. Your personal information registered at the time of application shall be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN and shall be used only for the issuance/management of your Annual Pass, registration for the subscription of the e-mail newsletter and the distribution of various kinds of information.

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